When our culture meet other forms of thinking
and behaviours.

Know and understand the other is knowing oneself.
Do you understand me?

We work today with foreign clientele, and also with co-workers from different cultures.
It is crucial to erase all fake news concerning cultures. It will allow understanding and make working together easier.

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Our learning solutions

Cultures in my everyday work.

Foreign Languages introduction


Cultures in my everyday work

How to recognize and erase prejudice about cultural differences.

Duration : 1 day

Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur une autre culture
sans jamais oser le demander (intervention de personnes issues de la (les) culture(s) concernée(s)).

Sequence 1

Silence of the cards.

Sequence 2

What my culture is made of?

Sequence 3

Fake news.

Sequence 4

Scale of values.

Sequence 5

Introduction to a foreign language

Sequence 6

All you ever wanted to know about foreign cultures but were afraid to ask.(Meeting with a native speaker from another culture)


Foreign Languages introduction

Speak some words in foreign language

Duration : 1/2 day

Few sentences in:
Portuguese (from Portugal and Brazil)
Spanish (from Spain and South America)


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